CorelDRAW Fix Toolbox

Recovery tool for broken CorelDraw graphics project *.cdr files


Fix Corel Draw File Utility

Corel Draw Fix

coreldraw Fix Toolbox software offers Corel Draw fixing corrupted file services to all users of this image editor without considering user skills. This fix Corel Draw file utility repairs CDR illustrations in several mouse clicks and provides intelligent CorelDraw x4 fix file services that do not modify affected documents during Corel Draw file fix procedure.

Get CorelDRAW Fix Toolbox from and make sure this program does the following:

  • parses CDR images in any state, regardless the complexity of data corruption problem and the state of input document in CorelDraw format;
  • Corel Draw fix services are easy to use so the restoration of corrupted documents represents an easy step by step procedure that can be reproduced by anyone;
  • guarantees the intelligence of Corel Draw 11 file fix on any computer regardless the PC configuration in use;
  • does not have additional settings, because this software is already set to its optimum performance so you may simply follow its guidelines and forget about how it works;
  • works with downloaded files or other corrupted CDR documents, damaged due to viral infections, disk errors or other issues, affecting the integrity of CorelDraw files;
  • repairs all items, stored in corrupted files of CDR format and converts recovered data into clean documents with supported extension for further processing;

CorelDraw x4 Fix File

CorelDRAW Fix Toolbox is not free software so users may donate to avoid its restrictions and start converting corrupted data into clean files of CDR format. Unlike open source programs, the users of CDR restoration application are provided with full support so they may consult its software team development and get all answers in time. Finally, CDR images can be uploaded for application developers if something goes wrong and data restoration is not possible for any reason.

Note: The program is not licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). CorelDraw Fix Toolbox is not open source software or a freeware tool. CorelDraw Fix Toolbox is distributed on the try-before-you-buy basis with a free DEMO version.
Requirements: You must have CorelDraw 10 or higher installed on your computer to fix CDR files.

System requirements: Windows 98 or higher


Step I

File selection.

Step II

Preview of recoverable content.

Step III

Passing the file to CorelDraw.

Step IV

Recovery log.